The following article was forwarded to me by Department of State via their colleagues at the US Embassy in La Paz, Bolivia. We hosted a group from Bolivia on a topic of Water Resource Management. Upon returning to Bolivia, Juan Carlos Veliz wrote an article detailing how Vegas has dealt with limited water resources.  Clearly, his time spent with our resource experts was extraordinary and helpful. I’m delighted that he has shared Las Vegas’ example with a much
​wider audience.

Combating Trafficking In Persons
3/12/17 to 3/16/17
Algeria, Kuwait & Lebanon
Combating Child Trafficking
3/15/17 to 3/19/17
Combating International and Domestic Human Trafficking
3/18/17 to 3/22/17
The Americas: Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Uruguay

A few stills from our last two groups of visitors

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