Mercedes Krause was born and raised in Las Vegas, and is a dual-citizen of the Oglala Lakota (Sioux) Nation. She is a nationally recognized teacher who helped with the application process for Las Vegas to become an IVLP city. In addition to managing the International Visitor Leadership Program, she also serves on the Las Vegas Indian Center’s Board,Battleborn Progress’ board, and is serving as vice-chair of the Native American Alumni Club at UNLV. Additionally, she serves on the Superintendent’s Advisory Committee with the Nevada Department of Education and as a Commissioner on the Nevada Minority Affairs Commission (Housing Committee Co-chair and Education Committee Chair). Mercedes is also a 2019 Emerge Alumni & will be filing to run for Assembly seat 20 in March.

“The more involved I become with my community the more inspired I become. I see myself as part of a larger team working for a better Nevada.”