Justice Miriam Shearing’s judicial career has provided nearly a quarter century of “firsts” for women in Nevada. Click here to read full bio.

Vivian Palmer is a marketing executive with extensive experience in domestic and international consumer and product marketing. Click here for full bio.

Currently, International Protocol Officer-City of Las Vegas NV. Click here for full bio.

Barbara Harff, Ph.D (Northwestern University, 1981), is Professor of Political Science Emerita at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland and has been a Distinguished Visiting Professor at the Strassler Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Clark University. Click here to read full bio.

For the past four decades, Robert Boyle led teams of architects, engineers and specialists on complex planning and design projects throughout the United States and China. Click here to read full bio.  

Mr. Snyder, attorney at law, domestic and international businessman.  Click here to read full bio..

Dr. Jabber is the founder of Globicom Inc. Click here for full bio.  

John Petkus is currently the Honorary Council of the Republic of Poland in Las Vegas. Click here for full bio.

President and CEO of Jay Dash International. Click here to read full bio.

Stacy Standley is Joint Managing Director of Sikand-Standley-India. Click here to read full bio.