Community Engagement in the International Visitors Leadership Program

“Your mission if you choose to accept it is to help the U.S. State Department
​promote strategic objectives of national interest.”

We make calls to a variety of vendors, subject-matter experts and ordinary Las Vegans nearly every day.
If you sign up to volunteer, you might get that call!

You can contribute to finding solutions to the world’s problems, help our community, build relationships and have a lot of fun doing so. WACLV strategically engages all aspects of the community in U.S. State Department programs with the following goals:

  • Foster relationships, partnerships and collaboration
  • Build pride in Southern Nevada
  • Lay the foundation for future community opportunities

So if you get a call, we hope you say “YES!” We think you will really enjoy being a part of this program, just like the individuals and entities listed below.

You can participate in many ways:

  • You can host a pot-luck dinner
  • You can be a volunteer driver and be a part of the program
  • You can be a host on the bus for larger groups
  • You can be an airport greeter
International Volunteer Opportunities IVLP Program

You can be one of dozens of Las Vegas Ambassadors demonstrating community
pride to high ranking international visitors!